Welcome to façade.

Kotronakis & Son company, is active in the distribution of ceramic wall and floor surfaces, as well as bathroom equipment since 1971.

Façade is the showroom, recently created by our firm, as an exhibition space for surfaces & materials, innovative solutions for the bathroom, furniture and lighting objects. Façade aims to become a reference point, for architects and interior designers, based in Athens and throughout Greece.

Façade is also the expression of our work; to combine passion for quality products, with talent and creativity of architects, interior designers, decorators and customers.

Façade is the key word that characterize our working ethos, which focus on the needs, adaptation and personalization of each project regardless of its size; and because first and foremost every project is a story of meetings, visit façade and discover the solutions we offer, that meet the quality, aesthetic and functionality characteristics of your project.